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Happy Chimney Sweep 

Areas Covered by Somesh

Somesh will travel to most areas in

Sussex, Surrey and Kent

Below is a list of areas and postcodes regularly covered. 
If your area is not on the list, please just use the contact form to ask.


Ardingly, Ashurst, Ashurst Wood, Ashurstwood
Balcombe, Barcombe, Bletchingley, Blindley Heath, Bolney, Bookham, Burgess Hill, Buxted
Caterham, Chailey, Charlwood, Chelwood Common, Chelwood Gate, Chiddingly, Chiddingstone, Chuck Hatch, Colemans Hatch, Copthorne, Cowden, Cowfold, Crawley, Crawley Down, Cross In Hand, Crowborough, Cuckfield
Danehill, Ditchling, Dorking, Dormansland, Dormans Park, Duddleswell
Eastbourne, East Chiltington, East Grinstead, East Hoathly, Edenbridge
Fairwarp, Faygate, Felbridge, Felcourt, Five Ashes, Fletching, Fordcombe, Forest Row, Four Elms, Framfield, Frant, Friars Gate
Godstone, Groombridge
Hadlow Down, Hailsham, Hammerwood, Handcross, Hartfield, Hassocks, Haywards Heath, Heathfield, Hever, High Hurstwood, Holtye,Hookwood, Horam, Horley, Horne, Horsted Keynes, Hurst Green, Hurstpierpoint
Icklesham, Isfield
Lamberhurst, Langton Green, Lewes, Limpsfield, Lindfield, Lingfield, Lower Beeding
Maresfield, Mark Cross, Marsh Green, Mayfield
Newchapel, Newdigate, Newick, Nutfield, Nutley
Outwood, Oxted
Paddock Wood, Pease Pottage, Pembury, Penshurst, Plummers Plain, Plumpton Green
Redhill, Reigate, Ringmer, Robertsbridge, Rotherfield
Salfords, Sayers Common, Scaynes Hill, Sharpthorne, Smallfield, Southborough, South Godstone, South Nutfield, Speldhurst 
Tadworth, Tandridge, Tatsfield, Three Bridges, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Turners Hill
Uckfield, Upper Dicker, Upper Hartfield
Wadhurst, Warninglid, Westcott, West Hoathly, Whitemans Green, Withyham, Wych Cross

Covering Postcode Areas of:

 BN6, BN7, BN8, BN11, BN26, BN27, GU1, GU7, RH1, RH2, RH4, RH6, RH7, RH8, RH10, RH11, RH12, RH13, RH15, RH17, RH18, RH19, TN1, TN2, TN3, TN5, TN6,TN7, TN8, TN10, TN11, TN12, TN13, TN20, TN21, TN22

How did Crawley develop as a town?

Crawley's development as a town can be traced back to the 13th century, where it began as a modest market town serving the surrounding villages in the Weald region. One key factor that contributed to its growth was its strategic location on the main road that connected London to Brighton. This advantageous position brought a steady flow of passing trade, leading to the establishment and growth of coaching inns. However, a significant milestone in Crawley's development came with the opening of Gatwick Airport in the 1940s. As one of the busiest international airports in Britain, its location just outside the town acted as a catalyst for commercial and industrial expansion. The airport attracted various businesses, creating new job opportunities and encouraging further growth within the town. Over time, Crawley also experienced expansion through the absorption of nearby communities. Areas such as Ifield, Pound Hill, and Three Bridges were integrated into the town at different stages of its development, increasing its overall size and population. In summary, Crawley evolved from a small market town with its origins in the 13th century. Its strategic location on the London-Brighton road brought passing trade and the establishment of coaching inns. The opening of Gatwick Airport in the 1940s further fueled economic growth and attracted businesses. Additionally, the integration of nearby communities contributed to its overall development as a thriving town.

What is the population of Crawley?

 "Crawley is a large town and borough in West Sussex and had a population of 106,597 at the time of the 2011 Census." Rewritten Excerpt: "To provide a comprehensive answer to the question "What is the population of Crawley?", it can be stated that Crawley, located in West Sussex, is a considerably large town and borough. According to the records from the 2011 Census, the population of Crawley was documented to be 106,597 at that specific time."

How long does it take to sweep a chimney flue?

At Happy Chimney Sweeps, a well-established business serving West Sussex, we pride ourselves on making chimney works, projects, and maintenance in Crawley as simple as possible for our valued customers. If you're wondering about the time it takes to sweep a chimney flue, we aim to provide you with a clear answer. Our efficient and diligent team can typically complete the sweeping of a single chimney flue in under an hour. We understand the importance of saving your time and ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine. Rest assured that our experienced and friendly professionals will swiftly carry out the necessary chimney maintenance, allowing you to focus on other important matters. Additionally, apart from chimney sweeping, we offer a comprehensive range of related services and installations, all of which are competitively priced.

What other related services and installations does Happy Chimney Sweeps offer?

Happy Chimney Sweeps, a well-established business that has been serving West Sussex, is dedicated to simplifying chimney works, projects, and maintenance in Forest Row, East Grinstead, Crawley and surrounding areas. Our aim is to make the entire process straightforward for our customers. By simply giving us a call, you can schedule a visit from one of our friendly and experienced team members. In addition to chimney sweeping, which typically takes less than an hour per chimney flue, we offer a wide range of related services and installations. Our competitive prices ensure that you receive excellent value for your money.


Some of the services we provide include:


1. Chimney inspections: Our team will thoroughly inspect your chimney to assess its condition and identify any potential issues. This helps ensure the safety and efficiency of your chimney system.

2. Chimney repairs: If our inspection reveals any damage or faults in your chimney, we are fully equipped to carry out necessary repairs. Our skilled technicians will address issues such as cracks, leaks, or damaged flue liners, restoring your chimney to its optimal function.

3. Chimney relining: In cases where the chimney flue liner is deteriorating or has been damaged beyond repair, we offer professional chimney relining services. This involves installing a new liner to enhance safety and efficiency.

4. Fireplace installations: Our experienced team can assist you in installing new fireplaces or replacing existing ones. We provide expert advice on selecting the right type and style of fireplace for your needs, ensuring a seamless installation process.

5. Chimney cap installation: Installing a chimney cap is essential for preventing debris, animals, and rainwater from entering your chimney. We offer a range of high-quality chimney caps and can install them efficiently to protect your chimney system.

6. Chimney bird guard installation: Birds often seek shelter in chimneys, causing potential blockages and safety hazards. We can install bird guards to prevent them from nesting in your chimney, ensuring its proper functioning.

7. Chimney maintenance: Regular chimney maintenance is crucial for the longevity and efficiency of your chimney system. We offer comprehensive maintenance services, including chimney sweeping and inspections, to ensure the optimum performance of your chimney throughout the year. At Happy Chimney Sweeps, we are committed to providing top-notch services and installations, maintaining the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

What services does Happy Chimney Sweeps offer in Forest Row and East Grinstead?

Happy Chimney Sweeps, a well-established business serving West Sussex, offers a range of comprehensive chimney services in Forest Row and East Grinstead. Our goal is to simplify chimney works, projects, and maintenance for our customers. With just one phone call, you can schedule a visit from our friendly and experienced team. Our main service is chimney sweeping, which typically takes under an hour per chimney flue. We pride ourselves on delivering thorough and efficient cleaning to ensure the safety and efficiency of your chimney. In addition to sweeping, we also offer a variety of related services and installations at competitive prices. When you reach out to us, we will provide you with a detailed estimate that clearly breaks down the required work. Our pricing is honest and upfront, with no hidden fees or surprises. We understand the importance of customer satisfaction, and we strive to maintain our excellent reputation in providing great service. Throughout the process, we prioritize cleanliness and take utmost care when carrying out the agreed-upon work. Whether you require chimney sweeping, maintenance, or other chimney-related services, Happy Chimney Sweeps is your trusted partner in East Grinstead, Forest Row and Crawley.

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