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Chimney Cowls
& Bird Guards

Do chimney cowls stop rain?

Chimney cowls are indeed effective in preventing rainwater from entering the flue. By utilizing various types of cowls, such as rain caps, hooded cowls, and wind-directional cowls, chimney owners can successfully safeguard their flues from rain and the detrimental effects it may have. It is essential, however, to carefully choose the appropriate cowl that suits the specific needs and specifications of your chimney to ensure optimal protection against rain and other elements.

Does an unused chimney need a cowl?

An unused chimney does require a cowl for various reasons. Without a cowl, the chimney can lead to heat wastage, potential damp problems, and cause issues with smoke in fireplaces and stoves. Therefore, it is advised to install a flue ventilator on all chimneys that are not in use.

​​Do I need an anti downdraft cowl?

In order to determine whether you need an anti downdraft cowl for your chimney, it is crucial to consider certain factors. One of the key factors to take into account is the presence of windy conditions that create drafts and eddies within your chimney. These wind patterns can often lead to a situation where smoke is blown down the chimney and enters your home. To prevent such occurrences, using an anti-downdraft chimney cowl becomes important. By installing this device, you can effectively mitigate the negative effects of unpredictable wind patterns and ensure that your chimney functions optimally, minimizing the risk of smoke entering your living space.

What are the benefits of using anti downdraught chimney cowls for twin wall flues?

Anti downdraught chimney cowls for twin wall flues offer several benefits that ensure the safe and efficient functioning of your chimney. These cowls effectively prevent downdraughts, which can not only be bothersome but also pose a serious threat to your well-being. By preventing downdraught, these cowls help to eliminate the potential danger of inhaling harmful fumes, such as carbon monoxide, which can lead to severe health complications, including death. Furthermore, anti downdraught chimney cowls for twin wall flues also serve to protect your chimney from debris and blockages. By obstructing the entry of external elements, such as leaves, twigs, and other debris, into the chimney, these cowls reduce the risk of chimney fires. Additionally, they help prevent blockages that could impede the proper flow of smoke and gases, ensuring that your chimney functions efficiently and effectively. In summary, the use of anti downdraught chimney cowls for twin wall flues not only prevents downdraughts, which can be hazardous and unpleasant, but also helps to safeguard against the risk of inhaling toxic fumes, reduce the likelihood of chimney fires, and ensure unobstructed chimney airflow.

Why are anti downdraught chimney cowls important for insulated flues?

Anti downdraught chimney cowls are incredibly important for insulated flues due to the numerous benefits they provide in terms of safety and maintenance. One key reason is that they effectively prevent downdrafts, which not only cause inconvenience but can also be hazardous. Downdrafts can lead to the release of unpleasant odors and potentially dangerous smoke, containing harmful levels of carbon monoxide that can even result in fatalities. Another crucial aspect is that anti downdraught chimney cowls serve as a protective barrier, preventing debris and other unwanted materials from entering the chimney. By effectively blocking these intrusions, the risk of chimney fires and blockages is significantly reduced. This ensures that the flue operates efficiently while minimizing the potential for dangerous situations to arise. When it comes to insulated flues specifically, the importance of anti downdraught chimney cowls becomes even more pronounced. Insulated flues rely on proper airflow to maintain their functionality and prevent condensation build-up. Downdrafts can severely disrupt this airflow, leading to the accumulation of moisture and potential damage to the flue system. By utilizing anti downdraught chimney cowls, the risk of these issues occurring is greatly diminished, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of the insulated flue system.

How do anti downdraught chimney cowls work?

Anti downdraught chimney cowls are designed to prevent the occurrence of downdraught in chimneys. Downdraught can be both a nuisance and a safety hazard, as it can lead to unpleasant odors and potentially dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in the smoke. These cowls work by creating an upward draught within the chimney, which helps to draw smoke and gases out of the flue system. There are various types of chimney cowls available on the market, each serving a specific purpose. For instance, spinning cowls utilize wind power to increase the draught up the chimney, reducing the chance of downdraught. Open fire chimney cowls are designed to prevent debris from entering the chimney, reducing the risk of chimney fires and blockages. H-shaped chimney cowls are another option, specifically designed to reduce downdraught by controlling the airflow. However, when it comes to providing comprehensive protection against potential chimney issues, the FlueCube stands out. This cowl effectively guards against nesting birds, vermin, wind, and snow, while also promoting the efficiency of your stove. Its adjustable design allows for a snug fit over any flue pipe, making it versatile for various installations. The FlueCube is constructed from durable materials, ensuring it can withstand the elements and maintain its functionality for years. By creating a positive draw through the flue system, the FlueCube improves stove efficiency. It stabilizes the burn within the stove, resulting in a more efficient consumption of black carbon (soot). This helps to keep the flue cleaner and reduces the buildup of potentially hazardous substances. In summary, anti downdraught chimney cowls work by creating an upward draught within the chimney, effectively preventing downdraught and its associated problems. The FlueCube is an example of a chimney cowl that provides comprehensive protection and improves the efficiency of your stove by promoting a cleaner burn.

What are anti downdraught cowls for twin wall flues?

Anti downdraught cowls for twin wall flues are specifically designed to eliminate the problem of downdraught, which can be not only bothersome but also hazardous. Downdraught occurs when the draft within a chimney reverses its direction, causing smoke and dangerous gases, such as carbon monoxide, to enter the living space rather than exiting through the chimney. This situation can lead to discomfort, foul odors, and potential health risks. By installing anti downdraught cowls on twin wall flues, these devices effectively prevent downdraught from occurring. They create a barrier that redirects the wind and airflow, ensuring that the smoke is efficiently expelled through the chimney while preventing any downdraft from coming into the home. Furthermore, anti downdraught cowls for twin wall flues also possess additional benefits. They act as a protective measure by preventing debris and foreign objects from entering the chimney and causing blockages. This helps minimize the risk of chimney fires, which can be devastating, and ensures a clear pathway for the smoke to escape. In summary, anti downdraught cowls for twin wall flues are essential components that improve the safety and functionality of a chimney system. They prevent the reverse flow of smoke and dangerous gases, safeguard against blockages, and ultimately provide peace of mind for homeowners regarding the proper functioning of their chimney.

How can customers contact FlueCube for further inquiries or to place an order?

To contact FlueCube for further inquiries or to place an order, customers have several options: 1. Phone: Customers can call FlueCube at either 01580 715870 or 07904 022188 to speak directly with a representative. 2. Email: Customers can send an email to [email protected] for any questions or inquiries they may have. 3. Request a Callback: For those who prefer to have FlueCube contact them, there is an option to request a callback. Customers can fill out the "Request a Callback" form on the website and provide their name, phone number, email, and the best time for FlueCube to call. Additionally, customers can include any additional information they feel is necessary. Whether customers choose to call, email, or request a callback, FlueCube is available to assist them and provide information about their products, such as the FlueCube anti-downdraft chimney cowl. To place an order, customers can also visit the online shop by clicking on the provided link.

What guarantee does the FlueCube anti downdraught chimney cowl come with?

The FlueCube anti downdraught chimney cowl is accompanied by a generous guarantee. Customers can take solace in the fact that this chimney cowl comes with a comprehensive five-year guarantee. In the rare event that the downdraught issue persists even after the FlueCube has been installed, we stand behind our product and offer a full refund. Our utmost priority is to ensure complete customer satisfaction, enabling them to enjoy a secure and pleasant living environment.

How does the FlueCube contribute to reducing emissions and promoting sustainability?

The FlueCube chimney cowl is a remarkable solution that not only enhances the efficiency of stoves, but also plays a crucial role in reducing emissions and promoting sustainability. By creating a positive draw through the flue system, the FlueCube significantly improves stove efficiency. This results in a more stable burn within the stove, allowing it to consume more black carbon (soot) than ever before. The increased consumption of black carbon leads to cleaner flues, effectively reducing the amount of smoke emitted through chimneys. When homeowners choose the FlueCube as their preferred chimney cowl, they are not only selecting a reliable and efficient product, but they are also actively contributing to the reduction of emissions. By decreasing downdraughts, the FlueCube helps minimize the amount of smoke that escapes through the chimney, making it one of the most eco-friendly options available in the market. The FlueCube's commitment to sustainability and environmentally responsible practices is further supported by its partnerships with esteemed organizations such as Low Carbon Kent and the EEC. These collaborations highlight the FlueCube's dedication to promoting sustainable solutions. By utilizing the FlueCube chimney cowl, homeowners are making a conscious choice to reduce emissions, conserve energy, and contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

How does the FlueCube cowl compare to other downdraft cowls in terms of maintenance and weather conditions?

The FlueCube cowl offers a distinct advantage over other downdraft cowls when it comes to maintenance and performance in various weather conditions. Unlike conventional cowls, the FlueCube is designed without any moving parts, eliminating the need for regular maintenance. This not only saves you time and effort but also makes it the most cost-effective option available in the market. In terms of performance, the FlueCube cowl stands out with an impressive success rate of 99% in addressing downdraft issues. Whether it's a calm day or a gusty one, the FlueCube works reliably in all weather conditions, including varying wind speeds and directions. Unlike other downdraft cowls that may struggle in adverse weather, the FlueCube ensures optimal functionality, providing peace of mind and comfort for homeowners. With its low-maintenance design and exceptional performance in any weather, the FlueCube cowl sets itself apart as the ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and hassle-free solution to downdraft issues.

How does the FlueCube prevent downdrafts and improve the burning experience?

The FlueCube chimney cowl offers an effective solution to combat downdrafts and enhance the burning experience. By installing the FlueCube, two primary mechanisms come into play to prevent downdrafts and optimize the efficiency and cleanliness of the fire. Firstly, the FlueCube generates an updraft within the flue itself. This means that as the smoke and gases rise, they create a strong upward flow of air. By ensuring a continuous updraft, the FlueCube counteracts the downward pressure caused by external elements, such as wind or nearby obstructions, that can result in downdrafts. The updraft created by the FlueCube aids in maintaining a steady flow of air through the chimney, allowing for optimal burning conditions. Additionally, the FlueCube acts as a wind-breaker. Its design effectively shields the chimney stack from the direct impact of wind, reducing the chances of downdrafts. By creating a barrier against gusts and turbulent airflow, the FlueCube helps maintain consistent air circulation within the flue. This wind-break effect further enhances the burning experience by preventing disturbances that could otherwise disrupt the fire, reducing smoke, and improving overall efficiency. Both the updraft mechanism and wind-break effect work in harmony to improve the burning experience in multiple ways. Firstly, by preventing downdrafts, the FlueCube ensures that no unwanted smoke or fumes enter the living space. This eliminates instances of smoky odors and potential health hazards, creating a safer and more pleasant environment. Furthermore, by stabilizing the airflow, the FlueCube encourages more efficient combustion, allowing for a cleaner burn and minimizing the production of harmful byproducts like soot or creosote. Ultimately, the FlueCube offers a quick and easy fix that not only tackles downdrafts but also promotes an improved burning experience by enhancing efficiency, cleanliness, and overall performance.

What is the FlueCube anti downdraught chimney cowl and how does it work?

The FlueCube anti downdraught chimney cowl is a specially designed device that provides effective protection against nesting birds, vermin, wind, and snow while also improving the efficiency of your stove. This chimney cowl is designed to fit securely over the flue pipe and its adjustable design allows it to be customized to fit any type of flue pipe. Made of durable materials, the FlueCube is built to withstand various weather conditions and is designed to last for years. One of the key benefits of the FlueCube is its ability to prevent downdrafts, which can hinder the performance of your stove. It achieves this by creating an updraft within the flue system, ensuring that exhaust fumes and smoke only travel upward through the chimney. Additionally, the FlueCube acts as a wind-break, further enhancing its ability to prevent downdrafts. By improving the airflow through the chimney, the FlueCube creates a steady and consistent draw for your wood-burning or multi-fuel stove. This improved airflow results in a more efficient burn, as it enables the stove to consume more black carbon (soot) and increases the overall efficiency of the stove. As a result, the FlueCube contributes to a cleaner flue and a more enjoyable burning experience. Installing the FlueCube is a hassle-free process and requires no maintenance. Its simple and cost-effective solution makes it suitable for any home. Considered the most effective downdraft solution on the market, the FlueCube offers an easy fix for the problem of downdrafts, allowing for better burning efficiency and a more comfortable stove experience.

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