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Happy Chimney Sweeping by Somesh

If you have an Open Fireplace, a Wood Burning Stove, an Aga, Rayburn, Solid Fuel boiler or cooker a yearly (or more frequent if used heavily) sweep is essential for your safety (see below for safety organisation recommendations on frequency of sweeping).


Sweeping Costs:

Normal Stove Sweep - £60

Fireplace - £70

Large Fireplace - £80 - £90

Before Somesh Visits:

  • A clear area around the fireplace is needed

  • Ensure fire has not been alight overnight

  • Clear all ornaments and items from the hearth and mantel piece

After The Sweep:

  • Your fireplace will be left clean and tidy

  • All soot and/or nest debris will be left at your property, either in your rubbish bin or the soot in the garden for you to use as a soil fertilser


Somesh provides:

  • A cheerful thorough sweeping service 

  • Discounts on multiple sweeps on same day

  • Professional, Reliable, Trustworthy service

  • A clean, no mess* service

  • A full visual check over of your appliance - giving advice where needed

  • Bird Nest removal where necessary

  • CCTV of your chimney flue if requested

  • Sweeping Certificate issued (for insurance records)

* If a nest is involved or the flue has not been swept or maintained for a long time, this may cause more dust than a standard sweep. Somesh will guarantee to do all he can to minimise any mess that may occur.

Happy chimney 1.jpg

The Sweeping Process:

  • Somesh guarantees to leave your home in the same condition than he finds it

  • Dust sheets are taped up to entirely block off the chimney and stove/fireplace so no soot escapes into your home

  • Sheets are laid over your valuable furniture/carpet to prevent dirt entering your home whilst moving equipment in & out

  • An industrial high power vacuum sucks up any debris in the air, which allows safe breathing during and after the sweep

  • Chimney is thoroughly swept with appropriate brushes, all soot & debris is contained, then cleared from your room

  • Stove doors will be cleaned

  • The fireplace will be left clean and tidy


Chimney Sweeping Safety & Advice

Recommendations from Fire Brigade Service and Hetas on keeping your fire safe are below.

  • Solid Fuel appliances:  Smokeless fuels: Once a year 

  • Solid Fuel appliances:  Domestic bituminous coal: At least twice yearly

  • Wood Burning Stoves/appliances:  Every three months when in use

  • Oil Appliances: Once a year plus checking by an Oftec Technician

  • Gas Appliances: Once a year plus checking by a Gas Safe Technician


Note: these recommendations are based on average usage and each households use differs dramatically depending on the fuel used and the stoves/fireplace design. Once your fireplace is swept by us we will advise you on frequency of sweeping.

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