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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply stoves?

We advise on stove purchases but we don't supply stoves. Contact us for details on good quality stoves for your home and budget.

What stoves do you advise?

Currently we find that are a good choice in terms of cost, quality and looks

Do you supply hearths?

We advise on hearths but we don't supply hearths as this is a very personal choice and we leave this to our customers. If you do a search on google you will come up with a good selection of hearth suppliers in your local area. 

All About Wood Stove Hearths

During a stove installation we can install a hearth. Depending on how much work is involved this may be chargable.

Do you decorate or plaster a fireplace?

Our main focus in installing liners and stoves. We leave decorations and plastering to the professionals. This needs to be arranged seperately by the customer with a local tradesman of your choice.

Whats the typical run of events in installing a stove?

Here is one scenario

A customer approaches us to install a stove where the fireplace has been boarded up.

The plan would be as follows:


1. Opening up the fireplace (by ourselves) - day 1

2. Deciding on decorations and completion (by yourselves)

3. Once decorations are complete, measuring for hearth, deciding on materials and ordering (by yourselves)

4. Ordering stove (by yourselves)

5. Notify us when stove, and hearth are ready for installation (by yourselves)

6. Installation of liner, hearth and stove (by ourselves) - day 2

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