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Happy Chimney Sweep

Cowl Installations by Somesh

'Cowl' is the collective name for a variety of items that can be fixed to the top of your chimney stack to prevent: 

  • Birds

  • Rain

  • Wind

  • Downdraughting

  • To close off (Cap) a chimney flue

Happy Chimney Sweep Cowl types for chimn

Bird Protection:

Birds love to nest in chimneys, the best protection from this is to have a Bird/Rain Guard fitted prior to having a problem.  Squirrels can often try to live in a chimney flue too!

Twigs and debris appearing in your fireplace or seeing birds regularly flying to the top of your stack could be a sign of a nest.

Please do not light a fire to try to clear this - it could cause toxic smoke to billow back into your home or even result in a chimney fire from the debris in the flue.

If you already have birds nesting - The Solution:

  1. Book Somesh to sweep and clear flue of all nest and blockage.

  2. Book Somesh to fit a Bird/Rain guard to stop birds returning to your chimney.

Cowls - Birdguard.jpg

Downdraught Problems:
A downdraught is when air is blowing down from the top of the chimney.
Your fire may puff smoke into room and not burn well or smoke might stay in your stove firebox.

If your fire seems to suddenly not draw well or smokes back into the room it may be due to:

  1. Overdue a maintenance Sweep

  2. A blockage in the chimney

  3. There is not enough ventilation through your home

  4. You are burning moist wood

  5. The rope on the stove door may need replacing

  6. The flue has not been warmed sufficiently with kindling or paper before adding large logs

If your fire has always not drawn well or always smoked back into room then its probably a downdraught issue:

  1. The chimney may be too short or badly designed

  2. Tall buildings or trees around the property 

Downdraught Solutions:​

  1. Book Somesh to sweep the fireplace to ensure no blockage - if a blockage then a Bird/Rain Guard fitted after the sweep should solve the problem - if no blockage then an Anti-Downdraught cowl may be needed.

  2. Ensure you warm flue before adding dry (never damp) logs.  

  3. Book Somesh to fit an Anti-Downdraught cowl (attached to an existing pot - which we can supply and fit if needed).

  4. Book Somesh to fit a tall Chimney Pot and Anti-Downdraught cowl.

  5. Raising the height of your chimney stack (building on more height) for extreme downdraught problems.

Cowls - Anti Downdraught.jpg

Closing Off a Chimney Flue:

If you have fireplace you never want to use in the future, the top of the chimney can be closed off with a 'Cap'.  Once this is done you cannot use the fireplace for any type of fire other than electric or ornamental.

Closing off a Chimney Flue Solutions:

  1. Book Somesh to do a sweep of the flue, which is essential to ensure flue is clear and clean before closure (leaving bird nest material in the flue could cause major future problems with damp, flies even fleas in your home).

  2. Book Somesh to fit a closure cap to the top of your chimney onto an existing chimney pot or directly onto the flaunching.

Cowls - Closure Cap.jpg

Note:  The utmost care will be taken of your property and roof during a Cowl installation, but Happy Chimney Sweep are not responsible for replacing breakage of weak/old tiles and tile replacement costs are not included in any Cowl Installation Estimate given.  However, if any tiles are damaged during the roof work; Somesh will repair if possible or if you have replacement tiles Somesh will happily fit them without charge. 

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