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Questions & Answers

Do I really need a chimney sweep?

Over time all chimneys, and lined flues become clogged with soot. The amount of the clogging will depend on the fuel that is used for the fire and the efficiency of the appliance that burns the fuel. All chimneys & flues require regular sweeping to prevent the build up of soot and the possibility of a chimney fire.

Will the Chimney Sweep make a mess?

We guarantee to leave your home in the same of better condition than we find it. We use dust sheets and tape to entirely block off the chimney and stove so no soot escapes into your home. We use industrial high power vacuum cleaners that suck up any debris in the air, which allows safe breathing during and after the sweep. We also lay sheets over any valuable furniture and over your carpet to prevent and dirt entering your home from moving equipment in and out.

How often does my chimney need sweeping?

Chimneys with Solid Fuel appliances:

Smokeless fuels - Once a year

Domestic bituminous coal - at least twice a year

Wood burning - every three months when in use

Chimneys with Gas Appliances

Once a year plus checking by a Gas Safe Technician

Chimneys with Oil Appliances

Once a year plus checking by an Oftec Technician

Note that these recommendations are based on the average and that each households use differs dramatically depending on the fuel used and the stoves / fireplace design. Once you have your fireplace swept by us we will advise you on when to have it swept next.

Is the chimney sweep trained?

We are fully trained chimney sweeps, and do regular training courses to keep up to date with all the latest developments in chimney sweeping advancements and safety. We have also spent a lot of time working with very experienced chimney sweeps to share knowledge and working practises. You can be assured that we take training and the safety of our work with the highest importance and consideration.

Do you sweep from the roof?

All our chimney sweeping takes place at the fireplace or stove area. If it is required by the customer to install a bird or rain guard then we would access the roof at that point.

How Long does a chimney sweep take?

An average chimney sweep takes around 15 minutes. It takes a further 15 minutes to set up all the equipment, and a further 15 minutes to pack up and discuss recommendations with customer. On some occasions certain circumstances require additional time due difficult or larger than average chimneys, or additional challenges that we can come across.

How much for a chimney sweep uk?

How much does a chimney sweep cost in the UK? We charge a basic fee of £50. Additional fees are charged for above normal size chimneys, bird nests & beyond 30 minutes travel time.

The answers to additional questions are only an email or phone call away.. All advice is Free.. Call 07950964670 or email Somesh [email protected]

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