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Can I use an old liner with my new stove?

One of the questions that is invariably asked when a customer upgrades from a gas fired fireplace to a woodstove, is.... Can I use the old gas liner with the new stove, and therefore save a few hundred pounds?

Actually the answer is pretty simple, unfortunately no. I'm all for using resources and not wasting. But when it comes to fires, safety is paramount. Gas liner flues are not suitable for wood stoves as they are too thin and also much less robust as they are only designed for gas fired temperatures which are much lower than solid fuel fire temperatures.

The cowl at the termination of the flue on the chimney will also be incorrect as it has far too little airflow for a stove fire. This will retard the airflow, making your fire difficult to burn correctly.

In all cases gas fired flue's will need to be removed and a properly designed wood stove flue installed.

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