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Chimney Draft Issues?

Is your chimney sending smoke down the wrong way?

You are not getting enough draw?

There are a number of reasons why your chimney isn't working the way it should...

* Your chimney is not tall enough

* Incorrect cowling

* Negative pressure issues

* Not enough ventilation

* Blocked or clogged up

* Badly designed flue Issues

Negative Pressure Issues

Chimney Drafting Problems

In the photo above, there may be a few solutions to the customers draw issues. The first solution could be to replace the cowl for an anti downdraft cowl. A second possible solution is to cut the trees down to below the height of the chimney.

Badly Designed Flue Issues

In an open fireplace example. The size of the opening needs to be at least in the ratio of 7 to 1, in proportion to the size of the flue. If the fireplace is too large the flue will not be able to create enough suction to pull the products of combustion i/e/ smoke up the chimney. If the flue is too large, then it cannot heat up enough to create a draw in the first place.

If there are too many twists and turns in the flue, the flue will create excessive friction not allowing the smoke an easy passage through the system to the outside.

Contact me to help you resolve your negative drafting and poor performance of your chimney and stove. There hasn't been a problem I havn't been able to solve yet.

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