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Stove Review - Ecosy Ottowa 12kw Multifuel Stove

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

About the stove.

Defra version for smoke free zones: This version of the Ottawa 12 has been rigorously tested and approved to burn wood and smokeless coal in a smoke controlled zone. Fitted with a mechanical stop to prevent secondary air closure beyond the 31mm open position.

This advanced unit has been designed by our brand Ecosy+ as an advanced clean burning stove that is built to last for years to come. The stove incorporates an advanced tertiary burn system ensuring a clean and efficient burn. This stove is wonderfully hand constructed and incorporates a large curved glass door. The Ottawa + is made from thick steel plate and is finished to a very high standard in our own factory. Clean lines make it suitable for a wide range of décor, styles and tastes. The stove is a multi-fuel stove that will deliver a reliable source of heat with an accurate degree of control.


5 year guarantee

(This covers the stoves body and not the internal perishable parts like grates and fire bricks.) Guarantee is activated when the stove is invoiced. 6 digit number on the top of each invoice is the warranty number.

For the stove to be covered it must be installed by a HETAS engineer.


Minimum efficiency 76%

  • Maximum CO emissions 0.3%

  • Flue diameter 155mm (6') with choice of top or rear flue outlet

  • Typical log approx 500mm long

  • Stove net weight 120kg

  • 10mm thick steel top, 5mm thick body

  • CE and British standard approved

  • German SCHOTT glass

  • Pre-heated air wash system to help keep the glass clean

  • Tertiary burn system that re-burns the smoke for a clean and efficient burn.

  • Slow over night burn can be acheived with the advanced air systems.


  • Large German Schott glass window.

  • Tight locking doors with chrome handles.

  • Top and rear flue outlet.

  • FREE stove world UK printed over glove.

  • Chrome airwash fittings.

  • Solid Multi-Fuel grate for burning wood and smokeless coal.

  • Coal guard, ash pan, ash pan handle.

  • Full vermiculite fire brick lining.

  • Finished in heat resistant matt black paint.

  • 5 Year guarantee - see above.


  • Height : 610mm, 24 inches.

  • Width: 580mm, 22.80 inches.

  • Depth : 410mm 16 inches.

  • Distance from the back of stove to centre of top flue 140mm 5.5 inches.

  • Distance from floor to centre of rear flue outlet 480mm - 18.80 inches.

  • 150mm 6" top and rear flue collar included.

  • Glass - 390mm X 295mm

  • Internal stove dimensions - H: 390mm W: 490mm D: 320mm

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